M-I-C-K-E-Why close Disney Store?

The Disney Store at the Huntington Mall has been slated to close tentatively July 19. A request for reconsideration has been submitted to Disney. This, however, is more than just a brick-and-mortar store closing. It represents far more for our community, families and, most of all, children.

During an era of focused resource management, the geographical areas of West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania remain more brick-and-mortar oriented. Jobs, industry and infrastructure are high on the list of state, county and local revenue enhancement when surplus funding is available the parks, libraries, public pools and ball fields receive meager support - barely enough to sustain. Children are the unfortunate disinherited.

Going to a mall that is bright, lively and air-conditioned in the summer months - maybe taking a sack lunch and playing at the play center - and enjoying the Disney Store experience can have a positive impact. Parents, grandparents and caregivers plan their holidays and back-to-school purchasing during these visits because "yes" they have to budget for their spending.

Moreover, this store location provides a unique blend of guest services, both traditional and imagined. The obvious traditional retail experience satisfies the immediate while the imagined facilitates the future - a whole new generation here coming forward that will likely not enjoy the Florida or California experience because of socioeconomic constraints - but dreams and imagination are still free and should be nurtured. Isn't that what Walt wanted for all of us?

Please join in support for keeping this store open making local magic possible for all ages.

Aldine Gaspers



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