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School board has wrong priorities

I wanted to take the great opportunity I have to respond to the Cabell County Board of Education’s decision on the reopening of schools. The decision to reopen with the blended model was simply mind boggling.

The typical response is that it was done to prevent an outbreak. I understand that to a point. We are dealing with a virus with an extremely low death rate. Where was the uproar all the years that influenza ravaged our schools, sometimes closing the schools due to it? Influenza can be detrimental to people as well. But, it appears more emphasis is being placed on the value of sports and band (which the governor declared as extracurricular) than on the proper instruction and education of students.

I’m a sports fan; sports have value, but I was simply blown away that sports were approved, one of which is hand-to-hand contact. Yet, children can’t sit with masks on and receive an education? And the uproar from parents when the band was prohibited, but players were allowed, was astounding.

Yet, when the board decided to approve blended model ... mostly crickets from the crowd. It seems our priorities are askew, and that saddens me. Children will simply suffer due to this.

Schools were never meant to be a day care. They were intended to provide a well-rounded education for our future leaders. Our county has essentially gone with the slogan, “We learn best on a ball field, not a classroom.” We can practice five days a week for a sport that has a very small chance of providing any future, but we can only sit two days a week for proper instruction to prepare for the rest of their lives?

I am deeply concerned for my children. Not concerned for their sports stats, but for their GPA — a number that will help shape the rest of their lives.

Randy Ellis


Fauci promotes double standard

You hear so much about stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Here is the latest from Dr. Fauci.

He claims that churches should not have choir singers because the singers would spread germs while using their throats to sing. Yet when asked isn’t the same thing being done with all the shouting and yelling and screaming that is going on with the mass of protesters, he said he can’t comment on what the government does.

He said it several times yet stood firm against choir singers. So what are we to believe? That the churches gather out in the streets across the nation and sing their hymns? Like the protesters do? Oh, and don’t practice social distancing while they are at it?

Come on, now. Does the good doctor have an underlying agenda like shutting down the churches in hopes of squashing Christianity? It’s okay to march shoulder-to-shoulder yelling, screaming, and shouting with no fear of spreading or catching the coronavirus? So much information has been given to the public as far as the health side and retracted, who knows what to believe?

Instead of emphasizing the deaths and the dying, why not emphasize the progress being made on the vaccines? The major news media had no problem crying for years pandemic, pandemic, and then when it happens all they do is instill fear. So what needs to happen is the news media and the health departments across the nation should get on the same page and stop spewing out bulletins and then retracting them and then coming out with something else.

Let’s get busy with the vaccine.

David Sneade


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