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Trump lied and people died

I find it astonishing that this paper has failed to mention one of the biggest stories in years when Trump revealed he knew very early on that COVID-19 was airborne, very highly contagious, much more deadly than the flu and a real threat to young people as well as old.

He also admitted that he deliberately downplayed this to the public and continues to downplay it.

How many lives might have been saved had we applied the full resources of the federal government early on to meet the challenges of this pandemic and made the public fully aware of the nature of the problem and told them what to do to protect themselves and others?

Now as we approach 200,000 dead, Trump tries to defend his actions by saying he didn’t want a panic and selectively quoting FDR and Churchill. Both those leaders told the people exactly what crisis they were facing and what they needed to do and the people followed those instructions without panicking! Today, as the number of cases and deaths continues to rise in West Virginia, Trump continues to downplay the virus to the point that many believe it is simply a hoax.

COVID-19 is very real and is deadly. As we move into the fall it will become even more dangerous. How many more unnecessary deaths must we endure?

Jerry Coleman


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