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Dave Peyton

will be missed

A few weeks before his death I wrote to “Voice of the People” about Dave Peyton to welcome him back and say I was sorry to hear about his health problems.

As I stated at the time, “Dave’s writings has wit which I enjoy as well as his seriousness pertaining to his topics.”

When I read my newspaper on Sept. 5 and read about Dave’s death, I was so saddened. As Jim Ross said in his column, we may never see another Dave Peyton, Ernie Salvatore, Tom Miller, Bill Belanger or Tim Massey. They were all good journalists. I worked for The Huntington Advertiser and retired from The Herald-Dispatch. I liked and enjoyed working with all of them.

I’m happy The Herald-Dispatch printed Dave’s column about Grandma Peyton’s barn, which first appeared in 1988. It was a favorite of mine.

My condolences go out to Suzie and Davey. We will never forget Dave and his column. He will be missed.

Lillian Narcise


Do all voting by mail from now on

Voting by mail should replace voting at the polls in its entirety. The two institutions that can definitely be trusted are the county board of elections and the United States Postal Service.

The money saved by eliminating the need for poll workers could be used to offer free postage on the envelopes used to vote by mail. The person voting would also have more time to consider what they are voting for and would not be confined to the hours of the polling place. It would also prevent unwanted entry to schools and churches from anyone trying to harm someone. In addition, the voter would not be harassed by someone trying to place unsolicited campaign literature into their hand.

The additional revenue would boost the Postal Service and perhaps keep it afloat until we as a country are able to vote online.

Voting by mail would solve the registered voter problem and guarantee safe passage of the ballots to the county board of elections. It might even prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Joe Bialek

Cleveland, Ohio

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