Postal Service needs better customer service

What is wrong with the Postal Service in Huntington that they do such a lousy job? I am writing this on a Wednesday and my small business, which is literally two blocks from the Post Office, has not had mail service since last Thursday. You can't go in the post office and get your mail because it is "out with the carrier." But the carrier doesn't show up! They won't give you a supervisor's name or number to call to get resolution, and if you call the published number, it just rings and rings, never answering. I need mail service five days a week, and we pay taxes for this service. If they were a real business, they would be out of business!

Tommy Smirl


Writer says letter misinterpreted

There have been some controversial responses to my letter of May 16 that I will attempt to clarify.

So, some of you agree with the killing of over 50,000 fine American citizens during the Vietnam War. Take it from one who was there; it was not a fantasy. As far as killing 50,000 immigrants, I also clarified it by saying that that was highly improbable and I do NOT condone killing anyone. I was merely making a comparison to the stupidity of Vietnam and the border problems. And most conservative-minded folks would recognize this.

Don Hiles


Strawberry Pie Week a success

Thanks once again to the Tri-State area for making our 2019 Strawberry Pie Week at Jim's such a success. We sincerely hope that you felt our special dessert was worth waiting for in the long lines at Jim's, even in the rain and thunderstorm of Thursday night. Your patience and understanding are much appreciated.

Jim's would also like to acknowledge our vendors who took such special care to ensure a successful week. We specifically want to acknowledge Fuller Produce (strawberries) and Top Quality Meats (storage of over 2,000 pie shells).

Finally, to our staff: Your hard work, loyalty and dedication allow Jim's to continue this tradition and for which we will always be grateful.

The Jim Tweel family



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