Enola Gay saved American lives

It seems a professor at Marshall University is offended by one of the tugboats painted up like the Enola Gay airplane. Maybe this professor should go back and take some history classes. Or maybe they don't teach real history at Marshall.

When the Enola Gay dropped the atomic bomb on Japan, it helped end the war that Japan started with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Bringing the war to an end and not having the U.S. to go into Japan with an amphibious attack saved thousands of American lives. Thank you, Harry Truman and the brave pilots of the Enola Gay, for the thousands of American lives that were saved. Maybe this professor only cared about saving Japanese lives. If he really wants to look at war atrocities, he should read up on what Japanese soldiers did when Japan occupied China in World War II.

Mr. Professor, the Enola Gay is part of American history. Just because you do not like our history doesn't mean you can erase it.

David Thompson



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