Hot dogs, clogged culverts and rough roads

West Virginia has always suffered with the Fred Friar Out-of-Town Expert Syndrome, but this time West Virginia and Marshall University take the cake. It is bad enough that so many times we depend on out-of-town or out-of-state experts to show us how it is done, but this time Marshall has gone all the way to France. What do bunch of Frenchmen know about West Virginia cuisine? Before we know it Sodexo will be serving Escargots a la Bourguignonne instead of Stewarts Hot Dogs.

Who is the one who bought into a French firm for food service at Marshall University? With the world famous Greenbrier Hotel (food service second to none) located here at home, why do we have to use a food service company headquartered in France? I bet The Greenbrier's culinary school would be willing to help Marshall with its own food service.

By the way, you are right on concerning our Division of Highways. It has been that way during the days of State Road Commission and now. A year ago District 2 sent a guy out to our neighborhood concerning our roads. He took notes and told us, "Don't expect anything right away, but when we have equipment in the area we will do something." Two or three weeks ago they did something by regrading the road to my house and sprinkled on fresh gravel. After a two-week absence they returned to sweep off Bowman Hill Road (halfway) and observed a hidden and stopped up culvert. When it was determined that there are no less then three culverts stopped up, they left.

My final gripe for today: I wonder if we paid the full price for the new bridge crossing Interstate 64 on 5th Street Road. The surface, especially the middle left turn lane heading north, is rougher then a West Virginia pot hole patch.

Fred Friar



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