Democrats think they are above law

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has given us a plan to save the world. Ocasio-Cortez has given us the blueprint to do away with cars, planes, electricity, food, oxygen and any other necessary item to keep us alive and society moving.

If I had not watched these idiots in person before, I would not believe what is happening. All of these great Democrats, the ones who know best and are above the law, these lifetime politicians who have made it their life's work to do anything but what they were elected to do, now bow down to the immature and ignorant behavior of the rookie loudmouth. They also want abortion up to the moment of birth. They excoriated Brett Kavanaugh, a Republican, but the three Democrats in Virginia are given the benefit of doubt for much, much worse. Democrats never allow the truth and facts to enter into any situation that questions their authority or disagrees with their positions.

I could go on for days discussing the actions and words from these raving lunatics. Hey, you people vote and support anybody you want to. For me, I try to avoid supporting people who care more about their own selfish interests than the good of the country.

James Allen



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