President Trump embarrassed US in Korea

On June 30 I watched in horror as President Trump shook hands with and flattered Kim Jong Un, the dictator of North Korea, in the Korean Peninsula Demilitarized Zone, even stepping into the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, a first for a U.S. President. Kim Jong Un is our current equivalent of Stalin and Hitler, a mass murderer of his people and a despot. A reminder to some of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's appeasement policy, meeting Hitler back in 1938? A shame on Britain then, and we all know the consequences.

Yes, some will argue, President Roosevelt met with Stalin several times, exchanged letters, and at Yalta in 1945 decided the future of Europe with the USSR then an ally in the defeat of the Nazis. (Churchill was also present). One of FDR's few blunders on the international stage, with massive consequences. In that instance, like Trump, ignorant of the complexities of the world. However, a master in solving domestic problems, unlike Trump.

This latest incident, the meeting of Trump and Kim Jong Un, had no purpose but to promote the standing of the DRPK leader in his own country and to provide our vain president with another superficial photo opportunity. Our emperor with no clothing.

President Trump is strangely attracted to powerful, murderous dictators - Putin, bin Salman, Xi Jinping, Duterte - and dismissive of the elected leaders of democratic nations.

President Trump's performance in Korea was a disgrace and a slap in the face of our values, cherished at home and promoted abroad. Many American lives lost and money spent to defend those ideals. Forget "Realpolitik," which can work, but not in the hands of an amateur and his family leading a mostly part-time and uninformed cabinet, with an emasculated U.S. Senate.

Nicholas Freidin



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