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COVID-19 is

still with us

President Trump and Vice-President Pence have decided that the COVID-19 pandemic is no longer a national issue, despite thousands every day infected and many dying across the country. Open up the economy at any cost is all they care about. The fact is that the majority of the infected and dying are minorities: African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans. And the rural poor regardless of their race or ethnicity. How many wealthy white males of influence connected to ventilators will it require for the White House to get it right and respond?

Nicholas Freidin


Politicians have

let us down

I am 81 years old, I am white, I’m a registered independent, I’m conservative as far as economics go, I’m a Christian and I live by the code to treat every person as I would like to be treated.

I have been very upset with our bought-and-paid-for elected officials who in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s let our major manufacturers ship most of our middle class jobs overseas and made the divide between the rich and the underprivileged wider. They devastated the heart of our country — the good-paying jobs with decent benefits and retirements.

I felt like most of the racism in our country was disappearing, that when we elected Obama as our first black president that would help, but it ended worse after his eight years. I cannot believe that so many people want to give their freedom away and want free stuff, of which their is no such thing.

I am sick and tired of being called a racist, especially by lying Democrats because the only racists I knew growing up were all Democrats. The lying Democrats have not done anything for the minorities in this country since before the Civil War or the hundred or more years since except promise everything and deliver nothing.

I also can’t believe we are allowing these Marxists to burn and destroy property and rioting and our so-called news media thinks that it is OK. I do believe in peaceful protests. If we do not stop these Marxists they will destroy our country.

As far as white privilege goes, I was born in a coal camp in a four- room house with no indoor plumbing, and when it snowed my father stuffed paper in the cracks to keep the snow from blowing in. I worked two jobs the first 10 years of my adult life and mostly six days a week for the next 55 years and I have no regrets. I am also a Trump supporter because he is not a politician and he says what he thinks, not what politicians think you what to hear. He is doing exactly what he promised to do when he announced he was running for president. I feel most of our news media hate Trump because they can’t intimidate him and he can’t be bought like most politicians. I also knew from the start that he did not collude with the Russians because they wanted Obama and Hillary because they sold 20% of uranium to the Russians and sent billions of dollars to Iran that turned around and bought billions of dollars of military equipment from Russia, so there is no way that Putin wanted Trump elected.

These are things I needed to say!

Terry Thornburg


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