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WASHINGTON - President Trump, on his way to a border photo op that even he reportedly thought pointless, gave insight last week into the thinking that faked an immigration crisis, shut down the government and gave him the "absolute right" to use emergency powers to circumvent Congress.

WASHINGTON - The Washington Post's report that President Trump "has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal details of his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin" - including taking away an interpreter's notes and instructing the person not to discuss what was said even with senior officials of his own administration - has raised hackles in Washington. Some have gone so far as to suggest this is evidence that the president is a secret Russian asset.

The statue of John Marshall on the Marshall University campus has the jurist in a pensive mood, pondering the great questions of the times. The latest question to perplex the former chief justice of the United States is probably, "How am I supposed to pay for all of this?"

High schools need computer classes

Gov. Jim Justice in his State of the State address stated that education was the cornerstone for his administration. One of the many areas expressed by Gov. Justice in education was to have computer science taught in every high school in West Virginia.

ACTOR: It was exciting to watch television last Monday evening and see former Barboursville resident Jay Plyburn on "The Resident" on Fox TV. Jay portrayed a news reporter in the show will be in some of the future shows this season. He lives in Norcross, Georgia, and works for WXIA-TV, an NBC affiliate in Atlanta. Jay is the son of Jim and Jennifer Plyburn of Parkersburg and is a 2002 graduate of Cabell Midland High School and a 2007 broadcast journalism grad of Marshall University.