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Best in the Tri-State

Best of the Tri-State

Welcome to the Best in the Tri-State 2022!

  • To get started voting for your favorite businesses, click below on your county of residence.
  • You will then enter your e-mail address and complete a registration screen. If you’ve participated in other online promotions (Football Pick ‘Em, Barks Madness, etc.), you may already have an account and can just log in to that account.
  • In the ballot, click on each category to choose your favorite. If you see your favorite business already listed, just click on the red “vote” button next to that business. If you don’t see your favorite, just type it in and click on “vote.” You can click on any business names listed in red for more information about the business.
  • Be sure to make a choice in at least 50 percent of the categories for your ballot to count. All voters who complete half or more of the categories will automatically be entered into the drawing for $500!
  • Each person may vote only once – either using a paper ballot or online, but not both.
  • Online voting is underway.
  • Deadline is 11:59 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 15.

Thanks for voting for The Best in the Tri-State 2022!

To get started, click your county of residence...