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For the last 24 years, Becky's Beauty Box has provided much more than standard salon services to Milton.

From routine hair and nail care services to formal event stylings, Becky's Beauty Box is a one-stop-shop for local residents and a popular spot to socialize with old friends and peers.

"A lot of people describe us like the movie 'Steel Magolias,'" said Maria Bryant, manager and cosmetologist at Becky's Beauty Box. "We know a lot of people, and we like to joke and carry on. It's fun, and when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life."

At Becky's Beauty Box, the quality service has cultivated a loyalty that's transcended decades. Stylists that began with the business are now serving their customers' children and grandchildren.

"My favorite part of the job is the people," Bryant said. "We get new people coming in here all the time, and they become family too. I think in a bigger city, it's just like the customers are in and out. They may get to know their hair stylist, but not everybody. It's just more personable here."

The three stylists, Bryant, Becky Pullen and Jonie Kirby, look after one another. They frequently cook in advance and bring enough food for one another when schedules get hectic.

"If all of us are working that day, we try to bring food when things get busy and it's hard to order in," Bryant said. "Last week I cooked and Becky cooked, and we didn't know each other cooked, so we had an abundance of food and we fed everybody that came in here."

The day-to-day schedules vary, as each stylist is skilled in a variety of trades with nails, hair, waxing and styling.

"We get a lot of customers, and today I've done a lot of hair coloring and highlights, and some days I'm doing nails, and some days I'm just doing haircuts," Bryant said. "It's 20, 30 or 40 people in and out daily."

The best part of the process, Bryant said, is seeing a customer develop confidence in their appearance.

"I had a lady tell me that she didn't know she could look that good," Bryant said. "It's the blessings like that. You can give them a whole new 'do, make them look younger and take 10 to 20 years off of them."

In the beauty business, change is imminent, and with each season comes a new influx of colors and highlights, and that's what keeps it exciting.

"Those times of year are the most fun," Bryant said. "People want to change their color more than any other time of the year. [It's all about] making somebody feel like themselves and feel a lot better than they already feel."

Becky's Beauty Box is open Tuesday through Saturday.


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