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The lunch crowd is just starting to trickle in to the Tortilla Factory.

The Tortilla Factory is located just off the Huntington Mall exit of I-64. The menu features traditional Mexican food and signature favorites like the Molcajetes. The Molcajetes is named for the volcanic stone pot in which the salsa verde is served. It comes with a variety of meats like chicken, steak or shrimp and features sides like black beans, rice and tortillas.

The smell of Mexican-American food hangs in the air and can make even the most picky of eaters ready to chow down.

On this day, small groups of sharply dressed business men and women are gathered in the booths enjoying a chat and fresh chips and salsa.

But in the corner sitting around a long table sits a family enjoying each other's company.

Sitting with them is as large man with a cowboy hat. He fits in with the decor of the Tortilla Factory as if he just walked out of central casting as "the Texan."

A reporter asks the family for a minute of their time. Once that's granted, he comments about how the man looks like he came from Texas for the food.

The reporter is promptly humbled by the fact that this gentleman who looks the part is, actually, from Texas.

Jeff Parsons is a West Virginia native from Point Pleasant, but he has lived in Texas since 1981. He calls Victoria, Texas, home.

He and the rest of his family - Delmar, Ross, Margaret, Sarah, Randy and Sheila - were eating as a part of the ongoing celebration of the elder Parsons, Delmar's, birthday.

So for a man from Texas, how does the Tortilla Factory food compare to that served in Texas?

"It compares pretty well," Jeff said. "It's a little more mild and I understand you have to serve to your audience, but we live for spice."

One would think that living in a place known for heat would hamper someone's desire for hot food, but that's not the case.

Jeff said while the food at Tortilla Factory may not be Texas hot, the flavoring more than makes up for it.

"This is very good," Jeff says, pointing to his plate. "Not everyone can enjoy food as spicy as what I'm used to. But as far as flavor goes, this is very good."


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