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On Main Street, an open door greets customers at Michelle's WV Quilt.

Inside, a smiling and outgoing Michelle Hill greets everyone who comes through that open door.

"The air conditioner is out," Hill says apologetically. "But we have all these fans running. Sit there, where the fans are blowing."

Hill asks her visitors whether they have ever had a job that didn't feel like work.

"That's your passion," she said. "That's why it's easy to be here sometimes 12 or 16 hours."

Hill is working with her passion. Anything and everything quilting related can be found at WV Quilt. The walls are filled with rolls of fabric, neatly color coordinated, while the floor has sewing and quilting machines.

As far as popular items, there's not just one thing.

"It goes in phases," Hill said. "The quilting machines - I usually do very well with that. The fabric - women love fabric -and the classes."

Hill welcomes everyone to the shop, from the seasoned quilter to someone just starting out.

"We can teach you from the beginning how to sew, how to make a seam, how to put blocks together all the way up to something more extravagant that takes a little more effort to learn," Hill said.

The reporter mentions he'd like to learn how to quilt.

"Men make the very best quilters," Hill said. "They are a little more patient than us. They don't multitask. While we're doing this, we're also thinking about cooking or keeping an eye on a voice; they're a little more concentrated on what they're doing.

"We can teach you from the very beginning to the very ending if you wanted."

In the large front window is an eye-catching quilt pattern with pine trees patterned uniformly into the rectangle shape. But one pattern is different. It's the outline of Bigfoot.

"Isn't that cute," Hill says after the reporter mentions it. "That pattern has been a big seller. I should order more."

During a visit that spans nearly two hours, a steady stream of people come and go from the store. Every person is greeted on a first-name basis. Topics of discussion range from Hill's continued operation of her father's business, Dave Hill Limited (on an appointment basis) all the way to children. Stories are shared and laughs are in abundance.

To say Michelle's WV Quilt is laid back would be an understatement.

The visit has to come to an end when two ladies come into the shop for their quilting lessons. True to form, Hill greets them with a broad smile and first name.

Michelle's WV Quilt is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., but evening classes and special hours are available to meet customers' needs. Check out for more information.


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