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It's one of Huntington's most distinct features - the spinning giant mug atop Frostop Drive-In on Hal Greer Boulevard.

The restaurant recently celebrated 60 years doing business. That's a lot of hot dogs and rootbeer floats.

Greeting customers at their cars ready to take their orders is Trevor Reed. Being a car hop at Frostop is a dream job of sorts for Reed.

"I've been coming here all my life," Reed said. "My dad is a preacher and we'd always come here after Sunday school and church."

Reed says he has tried everything on the Frostop menu. So what's his favorite things to eat?

"Nothing beats a hot dog and cold rootbeer," Reed said. "It's comfort food. Nothing hits the spot better on a hot day."

The Huntington Frostop is just one of 13 remaining stands in the country. The drive-in was first opened in the 1930s in Ohio and spread to over 300 at its height in the 1950s.

Brothers Rupert McGinnis and Bill Warnock opened the Huntington staple in 1959. After McGinnis' death in 1980, his widow, Marion McGinnis, purchased the business from Warnock. After her death in 1996, the restaurant got passed to sisters Marilyn McGinnis Murdock and Bing McGinnis Murphy, who have run the restaurant ever since.

"We're one of the few hot dog stands that stays open year-round," Reed said. "We've got people coming in here since when the place opened. We have regulars who come back from Florida or across the country just to eat here. Some of them had their first dates here."

So has Reed ever taken a date to Frostop?

"When I put in my application, I brought my girlfriend," he said with a laugh.

Find Frostop Drive-In on Facebook or call them at 304-523-6851.


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