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A new day dawns in Barboursville. A line of cars wraps around the curve on Central Avenue as parents drop off eager youngsters at Village of Barboursville Elementary (VOBE). Spirits are high as kids are greeted by teachers as they run to the main doors.

There are only a few days left on the school year, a fact that is undoubtedly helping buoy the spirits of child and adult alike. But as the doors lock and the children find their way to class, a line of smiling and anxious adults forms outside and stretches down the sidewalk. This day is no ordinary day for VOBE; today is the day the school says goodbye to a group of fifth-graders as they move on to sixth grade and middle school.

When the doors open for the adults, the parents and grandparents of the fifth-grade class of 2019 file into the school and pack the cafeteria and gym area. Quickly, the risers at the front fill with smiling young faces as children perform songs, play ukuleles, then accept awards and trophies for a year of hard work and achievements while eager parents jockey and shuffle for position to get the best picture or video of the proceedings.

"I can't believe this is happening," one parent says. "It seems like last year we were bringing her in for the first day of kindergarten."

After the ceremonies were over, families gather around their little achievers for pictures, hugs and tears. Friends gather for group pictures and the dull roar of a hundred conversations fills the air.

But the post-graduation celebration is short lived. The staff begin moving chairs and replacing them with cafeteria tables. No time to linger, there are four other grades and kindergartners to feed. For while there's only a few days left in the school year, this day is still a school day.


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