Herald-Dispatch file photo In a 1978 photo, Frances Price, the owner of Price’s Bakery, stands beside a display case as employees prepare Christmas cookies.

Editor's Note: This is the 289th in a series of articles recalling vanished Huntington scenes.

HUNTINGTON - In 1948, Frances Price and her husband, Harry, opened Price's Pie Shop at 1837 3rd Ave., where Marshall University's Cam Henderson Center sits today. The Price Pie Shop was one of several businesses in the 20th Street neighborhood that were forced to close or relocate due to construction of the basketball arena and, later, MU's Joan C. Edwards Stadium.

The Prices closed their 3rd Avenue business and in March 1978 reopened with a new name - Price's Bakery - and a new location, 815 20th St.

Despite the Pie Shop's name, the Prices didn't just bake and sell pies. They turned out fancy cakes, delicious doughnuts and all kind of cookies. Their holiday cookies became almost legendary.

In an interview with The Herald-

Dispatch, Frances Price said that every year she began to prepare nearly 20 varieties of Christmas cookies the day after Thanksgiving. However, Price noted she always made sure to bake a small supply of holiday cookies throughout the year for customers who requested them. Some customers, she said, even wanted their Christmas taste-treats in June or July. Each Christmas meant turning out several thousand dozens of cookies. On a busy day, the bakery might make and sell 1,200 dozen, she said.

"We just 'cookie' ourselves to death," Price said. "It's very hard work. If you don't enjoy it, you've had it."

Cookies bought off a supermarket shelf can't compare with a fresh-baked handmade cookie, Price said. "But there's not much profit in a handmade item anymore. I don't see too many bakeries around in the future."

Price's Bakery closed in the early 1990s.


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