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HUNTINGTON — The man who wrote the proverbial book on Marshall University soccer now is literally writing a book on the subject.

Sam Hood, legendary Thundering Herd, Huntington St. Joe and youth soccer coach, said Marshall’s 1-0 victory over Indiana in the NCAA national championship game in May sparked the idea of a book.

“After Marshall soccer’s national championship I contacted Chris Grassie and decided to write a pictorial on the history of the soccer program,” said Hood, who lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Hood literally has been an integral part of the MU soccer program since day one.

“I was there at the beginning when Joe McMullen called in 1978 and asked me to help start a varsity soccer program,” Hood said.

Hood (1981), Ed Saad (1979-1980) and Jack DeFazio (1982-1988) were early coaches of the program before took over from 1989 through 1993. Scott Fischer coached the Herd in 1994. Hood helped Marshall land coach Bob Gray, who led the program from 1995 through 2016.

Mu played games at Fairfield Stadium, then Marshall Stadium before Sam Hood Field was constructed in 1996. The 1,500-seat facility was on the site where the Chris Cline Athletic Center now sits beside Joan C. Edwards Stadium. Marshall moved into its current home, 1,006-seat Hoops Family Field at the Veterans Memorial Soccer Complex, in 2003 at the site of Veteran Memorial Fieldhouse.

Marshall nearly dropped soccer in 2003, but Hood and others stepped in to save the program. With his new book, Hood plans to give back to the university and men’s soccer again.

“I’m going to self publish the MU soccer book, with all proceeds going to the men’s soccer program and to a scholarship I established in honor of my parents in 1988,” Hood said.

The book business is nothing new to Hood, who published three Civil War history books under his real name, Stephen M Hood.

Hood said he hopes to have the book published by the end of the 2021 Herd soccer season.

Hood said the book will contain details of the program’s founding, the hiring of DeFazio and Gray, building the soccer fields, and saving the program in 2003.

“And, of course, I’ll write up the national championship,” Hood said.

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