Courtesy of the City of Huntington Huntington Mayor Steve Williams, left, and Andy Fischer, chair of Greater Huntington Walks, prepare for the first pitch of the Cincinnati Reds game on Sunday, Aug. 11.

CINCINNATI — Greater Huntington Walks' second quarterly challenge, Ballparks of America, culminated with Sunday's Huntington Day at Great American Ballpark where the Cincinnati Reds took on the Chicago Cubs. 

The day involved Reds fans getting to walk the dirt track around the grass field with other groups in attendance. Fans were eligible to go through Greater Huntington Walks to get discounted Reds tickets to attend the game.

Also, among the pregame festivities Huntington Mayor Steve Williams threw out the first pitch.

"I don't know if they're going to let me on the mound. They may not want me to mess it up," Williams said as he greeted the parading Huntingtonians. "I just hope I can get the pitch off."

Williams' pitch was caught by Andy Fischer, the chairman of Greater Huntington Walks.

The walking challenge was an opportunity to get the people of Huntington moving in an effort to overcome the label of the city being one of the most obese in the nation.

"There are prizes given at random but the main goal was to get everybody moving," said Melanie Kerstetter, a committee member for Greater Huntington Walks.

The event offered more than just motivation to get Huntington fit.

The Huntington Visitors and Convention Bureau has placed advertisements in the programs sold at Reds games, office manager Aaron Arnold said, but this year the Huntington day advertised the city instead.

"Our employees got involved (with Greater Huntington Walks," Arnold said. "We thought it was fun to make a competition out of it. We hope our kids can see us us making an effort to stay active and take an active mindset."

Arnold brought his son, Brooks, to the game along with a friend. Both participated in the pregame parade with hopes of meeting a player.

"Aristides Aquino," Brooks Arnold said when asked who he hoped to meet.

The Cubs defeated the Reds 6-3 in the game.

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