CINCINNATI -- After 36 years, a practice jersey of Marshall University crash victim Jack Repasy finally will be in his mother's hands in Amberley Village, Ohio.

A West Virginia kindergarten teacher, who was a freshman at Marshall in Huntington at the time of the 1970 crash, somehow obtained the white-and-green No. 82 jersey from her Phi Mu sorority.

"I want to return the jersey to whom it belongs," says Kathy Weekly, 54, of Barboursville, just outside Huntington.

For years, Weekly kept the jersey in her bedroom dresser, not knowing which player had worn it. In all the publicity for the new "We Are Marshall" movie, she saw that No. 82 was worn by Repasy, one of three 1968 Moeller High School graduates on the Marshall team that died on Nov. 14, 1970.

After seeing Mary Beth Repasy quoted in a November Cincinnati Enquirer story about the film, Weekly called her and promised to bring the jersey to Cincinnati in the spring, when she takes her grandson to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and Newport Aquarium.

"It would be nice to have, if she wants to give it to me," says Repasy, 83. She still has other items at home from her son's Marshall football locker.

Weekly never met Jack, a junior, and doesn't know how she got the jersey. She figures a sorority sister borrowed it for a skit or got it in a fraternity house raid. She loaned the shirt to Warner Bros. Pictures for use in the film, which she planned to see this weekend.

"I have come to the conclusion that I ended up with the jersey so I could keep it safe for 36 years, and then return it to where it actually belongs," she says.



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