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>> Conference USA football simply has to improve as an entity.

The proof is in the pocketbook.

Just last year, according to a recent story in The Virginian-Pilot quoting Old Dominion athletic director Wood Selig, if C-USA football had performed better overall in 2018 it would have put about $100,000 in each of the 14 members' bank accounts.

That's how the College Football Playoff divvies up the payoff shares for the Group of 5. If the American Athletic Conference is the most successful Group of 5 league, it gets the most money to share with its members.

And so it goes.

The Mountain West probably was No. 2 in this competition followed by the Mid-American Conference. As Selig pointed out, if Conference USA had finished ahead of the MAC in third, instead of dropping into fourth place, it would have meant an additional $1.5 million for C-USA members.

It just goes to show how important games against other Group of 5 members are.

Marshall University is a prime example. It plays three important games against G5 opponents during the non-conference portion of the 2019 schedule.

The Thundering Herd travels to Boise State on Sept. 6. The Broncos are the perennial power in the Mountain West. Then, Marshall is home to Ohio on Sept. 14. The Bobcats are predicted to be the best team in the MAC by Street & Smith Magazine. Next, the Herd hosts the University of Cincinnati on Sept. 28 in Joan C. Edwards Stadium. The Bobcats had an overall record 11-2 in the AAC in 2018 and are loaded with returning players.

Three important opponents from three different Group of 5 leagues. It isn't difficult to do the math on how important Marshall's non-conference games are.

Not just for the Herd, either.

For Conference USA, too.

The same is true for these C-USA games in the 2019 season: UAB at Akron (MAC), North Texas at SMU (AAC), Florida Atlantic at Ball State (MAC), Louisiana Tech at Bowling Green (MAC), Houston (AAC) at North Texas, and East Carolina (AAC) at Old Dominion.

The better Conference USA performs, the better the bottom line.

It's that simple.

Besides, Conference USA finishing ninth among the 10 FBS conferences in 2018 - ahead of only the Sun Belt - is downright embarrassing.

>> Sounds as if it's time for change on Wayne County's School Board.

As it turns out, Wayne County Schools Superintendent Todd Alexander isn't even going to present the proposal to name Wayne High School's football field after late former coach Scott Jarrell at a meeting tonight.


Good question.

Some say the situation put the elected board members in a difficult situation. Others maintain there is a small, silent minority - compared to a petition with 3,000 signatures - which is opposed.


Someone or a few someones simply don't want to name it after Jarrell because they want to name if after a different football coach.

It's called special interests.

Well, if the current board members don't have enough backbone to vote on this issue, then Wayne County voters need to elect new board members who aren't spineless.

That seems to be the obvious solution.

But, so far, the only thing which has been obvious is the few are dictating to the many in Wayne County.

It isn't supposed to work that way.


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