They're here.

It took European recruits Marko Sarenac and Goran Miladinovic a little while longer to become members of the Marshall University men's basketball program.

But they finally made their debuts Tuesday morning in the Cam Henderson Center.

And the duo didn't disappoint.

Sarenac is a 6-foot-7, 200-pound native of Serbia, who appears to possess the skills and athleticism to play any of the perimeter positions.

Miladinovic is a 7-foot, 230-pound native of Montenegro near the Adriatic Sea, who ran the floor very well for his size and displayed a nice jump hook with either hand as well as a good pullup jumper.

The pair of 19-year-olds were roommates in 2018-19 at the Hoosac School - a boarding prep school - in Hoosick, New York. Sarenac averaged 17.4 points, 11.2 rebounds and 7.1 assists, while Miladinovic averaged 13.5 points, 12.9 rebounds and 2.5 blocked shots.

Both Euros need to get in better shape - especially to play at Marshall's frenetic pace - but coach Danny D'Antoni was pleased with their workout.

"Marko is an exceptional shooter," said D'Antoni. "And he's got a quick shot. It's smooth. It comes off of a move fast. He shoots really well off the catch. He gets it up and it's soft to the rim.

"He can get shots off against defenses because his shot is so quick. He's 6-7 and a good athlete. You can look at him and tell he's an athlete. He runs the floor exceptionally well. He has nice spring off of one leg going to the rim."

Although Sarenac didn't have a chance to show it during the two-man workout, D'Antoni says he possesses very good court vision.

"The best part, which you couldn't see in the workouts but I watched in games and video-tapes," said D'Antoni, "is he sees the floor exceptionally well. He has a good feel for the game; a good knowledge of the game.

"He could - could - become an elite passer like Jon (former MU star point guard Jon Elmore). He's not there yet, but he has that same vision that Jon has. He can create for himself."

So can Miladinovic.

After all, he is a 7-footer.

"Runner, first of all," said D'Antoni. "Very athletic for somebody 7-foot. Decent shooter from outside. He has a good eye and a good touch. He really hasn't perfected it yet, but it's well on its way for most big people like a 7-foot freshman. I see that as getting to be really, really good.

"He's long. We had him and Penava (former 6-10 MU star Ajdin Penava) reach up and he's got Penava a little bit. We expect him to be able to block shots. He's mobile. He handles the ball. He has great hands. You can get him the ball inside and he has a nice jump hook with full extension. He knows how to lean that body in and, then, go into his shot inside."

Just ask his roomie Marko how much potential Miladinovic possesses.

"On their team last year, he was a great finisher with Marko," said D'Antoni. "Marko told me, 'He has great feel, coach. He's easy to pass to.' He gets in the right position and has soft hands. And he can finish because he's big."

Long story short?

The competition for playing time during Marshall's 2019-20 season just got more competitive.


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