Just when we thought the Hatfields & McCoys feud had died

Just when we believed the last time we ever would hear tell of brother fighting against brother was during the Civil War in West Virginia

Just when we surmised the "House Divided" concept was merely a wistful premise that never actually would become reality in the Mountain State

Along came the Martin brothers.

Still, no one saw it coming when Kerry Martin Jr. and his younger brother, Kerion, were starring for Capital High School during the 2018 football season. Even when the elder Martin signed with West Virginia University and enrolled early for the spring semester, nobody guessed what lingered on the horizon.

But, then, it happened.

Kerion, who is expected to be a senior standout for Capital during the upcoming 2019 season, announced via Twitter in late July that he was "100 percent committed to Marshall University."

It was a shot heard 'round the Mountain State.

So, if everything holds true, Kerry Martin will be wearing Old Gold and Blue in 2020 while younger brother, Kerion, is decked out in Green and White.

"That's wild, isn't it?" said Jon Carpenter, Capital head coach. "That shocks me because they're so close. They are almost like twin brothers, they are so tight. So, it will be neat. It would be neat to see them renew that rivalry and play against each other."

Although it appears a WVU vs. Marshall game never will happen in the foreseeable future, it would indeed be interesting.

"It would be awesome," said Carpenter. "When you coach in West Virginia, you want to see your kids play at WVU or Marshall. Now, I'll have one at each. That's pretty neat."

The elder Martin is a 6-foot, 194-pound safety. But it appears the younger Martin will be bigger. So, there are some differences in the Martins.

Are there ever.

"I don't think Kerry let him talk growing up," said Carpenter with a chuckle. "You'll see. It will be like pulling teeth, trying to interview him. Kerry did all the talking.

"Kerry is a people person and Kerion is a silent ... you never know he's in the room. But he's really smart and he shows up and just works. It's strange because they're so tight. But they just have different personalities."

The Martins possess different physiques, too.

"I think Kerion is going to be the big one," said Carpenter. "His frame is going to be bigger. We put shoulder pads on him the other day - the ones he wore last year - and his shoulders were two inches wider than they were last year. He's probably 6-2 or 6-3 and he's over 200 pounds."

Sounds like a future linebacker.

"I think he's probably more of an outside linebacker type kid," said Carpenter. "He's just going to be so big. He can run and I figure he'll be 6-3 and 230 pounds by the time he's 20 years old. And he's so aggressive. I think he's going to be big and physical."

How much fun is this?

Can anybody remember two brothers ever playing football at the same time for WVU and Marshall?

"It's really strange to know them and to know how tight they are," said Carpenter. "But they'd fight over the same bowl of cereal, too, so ..."

So, the Martin brothers decided to go their separate ways.

In the same state.


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