HUNTINGTON - As Marshall head coach Doc Holliday spoke to the group of linemen at Marshall's Big Man Camp on the turf at Dot Hicks Field Thursday, he wasn't worried about everyone's physical size.

Instead, Holliday spoke to the players about the size of their heart and love for the game before the group broke down by saying, 'Hard Work' prior to heading to their stretching lines.

Minutes later, Holliday ducked over to Joan C. Edwards Stadium and the Chris Cline Indoor Athletic Complex to also check out the action at the 7-on-7 camp, which featured several teams over the two days of camp action.

Holliday said having the 7-on-7 Camp and Big Man Camp at the same time has been a benefit to get teams down to Marshall, which allows the university and athletics program to showcase their facilities.

"It's great because we get a lot of future students - not just football players - on our campus," Holliday said. "They get a chance to see our campus and what a beautiful place it is and experience our facilities, so that they hopefully come back some day, whether it is as football players or as students."

Marshall offensive line coach Greg Adkins spent much of May on the road recruiting different areas, including the south, which has spring football practice during the time that coaches are recruiting.

Adkins said that the beauty of the camp series at Marshall is that it is like the spring practice for many of the local West Virginia teams who are just getting started in their allotted three-week period or flex days, as the case may be with Ohio schools involved.

"The majority of our kids here are local, so this gives us a chance to evaluate a lot of players in our setting with us coaching them up," Adkins said. "It also gives kids an opportunity to come out and compete against other teams from the local area that they may not get to, otherwise."

While the Big Man Camp had prospective student-athletes from many different schools come out to take part, there were several local schools who brought their skill kids down to take part in the 7-on-7 Team Camp.

Local schools participating included Spring Valley, George Washington, Winfield, Ironton, Logan, Chapmanville, Tolsia, Point Pleasant and Princeton. St. Vincent Pallotti (Md.) also made the trek to Marshall to take part in the camp.

One player that really stood out on both days was George Washington wide receiver Alex Mazelon, who consistently made tough catches in traffic throughout the two days of competition. George Washington was one of two schools to participate in both days of action. The other was Chapmanville.


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