Marshall offense

WR: No. 10 Tavin Richardson

WR: No. 19 Stone Scarcelle

WR: No. 9 Talik Keaton

LT: No. 50 Will Ulmer

LG: No. 55 Alex Mollette

C: No. 61 Levi Brown

RG: No. 62 Cain Madden

RT: No. 71 Tarik Adams

TE: No. 15 Armani Levias

QB: No. 17 Isaiah Green

RB: No. 20 Brenden Knox

DE: No. 44 Darius Hodge

DT: No. 85 Milan Lanier

DT: No. 94 Channing Hames

DE: No. 6 Marquis Couch

LB: No. 32 Tyler Brown

LB: No. 21 Omari Cobb

LB: No. 4 Tavante Beckett

CB: No. 3 Chris Jackson

FS: No. 13 Nazeeh Johnson

SS: No. 21 Micah Abraham

CB: No. 5 Kereon Merrell

Marshall specialists

K/KO: No. 16 Justin Rohrwasser

P: No. 43 Robert LeFevre

H: No. 13 Jackson White

LS: No. 89 Matthew Beardall

KR: No. 1 Willie Johnson

PR: No. 9 Talik Keaton

Boise State offense

WR: No. 16 John Hightower

WR: No. 6 C.T. Thomas

WR: No. 7 Akillian Butler

LT: No. 76 Ezra Cleveland

LG: No. 77 John Molchon

C: No. 67 Garrett Larson

RG: No. 79 Eric Quevedo

RT: No. 70 John Ojukwu

TE: No. 85 John Bates

QB: No. 19 Hank Bachmeier

RB: No. 34 Robert Mahone

Boise State defense

DE: No. 93 Chase Hatada

NT: No. 98 Sonatane Lul

DT: No. 55 David Moa

STUD: No. 99 Curtis Weaver

MLB: No. 7 Ezekiel Noa

WLB: No. 44 Riley Whimpey

NICK: No. 28 Kekaula Kaniho

CB: No. 26 Avery Williams

S: No. 10 Kekoa Nawahine

S: No. 4 Deandre Pierce

CB: No. 15 Jalen Walker

Boise State specialists

K: No. 36 Eric Sachse

P/KO: No. 46 Joel Velazquez

LS: No. 42 Daniel Cantrell

H: No. 28 KeKaula Kaniho

KR: No. 16 John Hightower

PR: No. 26 Avery Williams


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