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WR: No. 7 Corey Gammage

WR: No. 0 Shadeed Ahmed

WR: No. 9 Talik Keaton

LT: No. 50 Will Ulmer

LG: No. 78 Alex Salguero

C: No. 55 Alex Mollette

RG: No. 65 Logan Osburn

RT: No. 56 Kendrick Sartor

TE: No. 11 Xavier Gaines

QB: No. 8 Grant Wells

RB: No. 22 Rasheen Ali

DE: No. 32 Koby Cumberlander

DT: No. 92 Rodney Croom

DT: No. 9 Jamare Edwards

DE: No. 34 Shane Simmons

SLB: No. 1 Charlie Gray

MLB: No. 24 Eli Neal

WLB: No. 7 Abraham Beauplan

CB: No. 3 Steven Gilmore

FS: No. 13 Nazeeh Johnson

SS: No. 8 Brandon Drayton

CB: No. 4 LeAnthony Williams

KO/K: No. 46 Andrew Sanders

P/H: No. 43 Robert LeFevre

LS: No. 48 Zach Appio

KR: No. 5 Sheldon Evans

PR: No. 9 Talik Keaton

NC Central depth chart

WR: No. 14 Daeshawn Stephens

WR: No. 4 E.J. Hicks

WR: No. 15 Ryan McDaniel

LT: No. 51 Corey Bullock

LG: No. 77 Bruce Trigg

C: No. 76 Torricelli Simpkins

RG: No. 55 Robert Mitchell

RT: No. 71 Da’quan Thomas

TE: No. 1 Quentin Chaplin

RB: No. 25 Isaiah Totten

QB: No. 11 Davius Richard

DE: No. 32 Jessie Malit

NG: No. 94 Quantez Mansfield

DT: No. 99 Chuck Manning

BST: No. 27 Colby Warrior

STRIKER: No. 29 Stephen Stokes

MLB: No. 50 Noah Rainbow-Douglas

WLB: No. 17 Matt Stevens

CB: No. 2 Brandon Codrington

FS: No. 8 Jauqine Vukobradovich

SS: No. 23 Manny Smith

CB: No. 39 Devon Beckford

K/KO: No. 89 Adrian Olivo

P: No. 59 Juan Velarde

LS: No. 61 Alex Harper

KR/PR: No. 2 Brandon Codrington

Grant Traylor is the sports editor of The Herald-Dispatch, who also covers Marshall athletics for HD Media. Follow him on Twitter @GrantTraylor.

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