HUNTINGTON — C.J. Meredith of Spring Valley High School was named Mountain State Athletic Conference basketball player of the year Thursday.

Cabell Midland’s J.J. Martin was picked the MSAC’s coach of the year after leading the Knights to a 21-4 record.

Joining Meredith on the first team was Chandler Schmidt of Cabell Midland; Amare Smith of Huntington High; Austin Dearing of Hurricane; Mason Pinkett of George Washington; Richard Law of Woodrow Wilson; Karrington Hill of Capital; Sam Potts of Parkersburg; and Quaysean Sutton, South Charleston.

K.K. Siebert of Cabell Midland and Corbin Page of Spring Valley headed the second team. Also on the squad was Ben Gilliam of Woodrow Wilson; Javante Elzy of Riverside; Jaimelle Claytor of St. Albans; Kerion Martin of Capital; Rodney Toler of St. Albans; and Daimarquis Brooks of Capital.

Earning special mention was Dominic Schmidt of Cabell Midland; Eli Archer and Torin Lochow of Huntington High; Evan Hughes and Alex Yoakum of George Washington; Noah Umpleby of Parkersburg; D.J. Johnson of South Charleston and Ayden Ince of Woodrow Wilson.

Players who earned honorable mention were, Palmer Riggio of Cabell Midland; Joseph Patterson of Huntington High; Chase Maynard of Spring Valley, Austin Womack of Hurricane; De’Mahjae Clark of Capital; William Gabbert of George Washington; Jeremiah Mason of Riverside; Ethan Clay of St. Albans; and Maddex McMillen of Woodrow Wilson.

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