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West Virginia Amateur Championship

The Greenbrier Resort

White Sulphur Springs, W.Va.

Meadows Course

Third Round


T-1. Pat Carter -3

T-1 Alex Easthom -3

3. Jackson Hill -2

4. Mitch Hoffman -1

5. Ryan Bilby E

T-6. Cam Roam +1

T-6. Noah Mullens +1

T-8. Chris Williams +2

T-8. Sam O’Dell +2

T-8. Chase Wolfe +2

T-8. Steve Fox +2

T-8. Mason Williams +2

T-8. Philip Reale +2

T-14. Owen Elliott +3

T-14. Jess Ferrell +3

T-16. Joseph Kalaskey +4

T-16. Christian Boyd +4

T-18. Chris Daniels +5

T-18. Woody Woodward +5

20. Cole Moore +6

T-21. Bryan Myers +7

T-21. Tim Mount +7

T-21. Todd Duncan +7

T-21. Landon Perry +7

25. Ryan Bashour +8

T-26. Ryan Mason +9

T-26. Christian Mckisic +9

28. Adam Yeager +10

T-29. Jonathan Clark +11

T-29. David Scragg +11

T-29. Matthew Gissy +11

T-29. Tad Tomblin +11

T-29. Howie Peterson +11

T-29. Nick Fleming +11

T-29. Brian Myers +11

T-36. Tyler Adkins +13

T-36. Jay Woodward +13

T-36. Nathan Kinker +13

T-39. Jeremy Vallet +14

T-39. Ryan Butcher +14

T-41. Ryan Bailey +15

T-41. Ben Knight +15

T-41. Marco Oliverio +15

44. John Francisco +17

T-45. Tyler Franklin +18

T-45. Harold Payne +18

47. Mike Keiffer +19

48. Josef Dransfeld +20

49. Steve Eckert +21

T-50. Sam Harrison +22

T-50. Justin Estep +22

52. Michael Foust +23

Friday’s Final Round Tee Times

Old White TPC

The Greenbrier Resort

8:30 a.m.: Michael Foust, Justin Estep

8:37 a.m.: Sam Harrison, Steve Eckert

8:45 a.m.: Josef Dransfeld, Mike Keiffer, Harold Payne

8:55 a.m.: Marco Oliverio, Tyler Franklin, John Francisco

9:05 a.m.: Ben Knight, Ryan Bailey, Ryan Butcher

9:15 a.m.: Jeremy Valley, Nathan Kinker, Jay Woodward

9:25 a.m.: Tyler Adkins, Brian Myers, Nick Fleming

9:35 a.m.: Howie Peterson, Tad Tomblin, Matthew Gissy

9:45 a.m.: David Scragg, Jonathan Clark, Adam Yeager

9:55 a.m.: Christian Mckisic, Ryan Mason, Ryan Bashour

10:05 a.m.: Landon Perry, Todd Duncan, Tim Mount

10:15 a.m.: Bryan Myers, Cole Moore, Woody Woodward

10:25 a.m.: Chris Daniels, Christian Boyd, Joseph Kalaskey

10:35 a.m.: Philip Reale, Owen Elliott, Jess Ferrell

10:45 a.m.: Steve Fox, Chase Wolfe, Mason Williams

10:55 a.m.: Noah Mullens, Chris Williams, Sam O’Dell

11:05 a.m.: Ryan Bilby, Mitch Hoffman, Cam Roam

11:15 a.m.: Alex Easthom, Pat Carter, Jackson Hill

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