Thursday, October 17, 2019
Wednesday, October 16, 2019

MATEWAN — Local fishing enthusiasts in the Tug Valley area now have a new one stop spot where they can buy all of their fishing needs. The Fish Trap, located at 2825 Rt. 65 in Matewan, officially opened for business on Saturday, Sept. 21 after much anticipation from the fishing community. 

Defying the NCAA, California has become the first state to legalize cash payments to college athletes for endorsement deals, starting in 2023. The move — which prohibits California universities from barring such deals — has kick-started a national conversation and a flurry of similar legisla…

Spring Valley High School should just get it over with and rename itself “Linemen High” with the torrent of ‘big guy’ talent that has walked the halls over the past decade.

Hello all. I hope your week has been well. Mine has been pretty good, but just a tad bit busier than I would like. That’s OK, I guess. It beats being bored. We have had some sort of function to attend every weekend now for the past few weeks, and last weekend was no exception.

If there is one thing the collective population of West Virginia is passionate about, it’s our love for the Mountain State — and we will do anything and everything to defend the honor and pride we have for our ‘Mountain Mama’.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Chadrick Fulks will one day be strapped to a gurney and given a lethal injection. The government will kill him because of his crimes, which included the slaying of Marshall University student Samantha Burns in 2002.