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WAYNE - After years of waiting, relatives of the first Sheriff of Wayne County, West Virginia were pleased to see his picture placed on the wall just outside the Sheriff's office in the county courthouse Monday morning.

Lamech Adkins' photo is now on display with many others who served in that same role for the county. Adkins is the only sheriff to serve three terms for Wayne County and also hold the distinction of serving both before and after the Civil War - having served his first term from 1856-1858 Wayne, Virginia, then ran for office again after the war, serving two full terms in Wayne, WV from 1870-1876.

Adkins was born December 13, 1819 on Millers Fork, Wayne County, VA, died on May 27, 1897 in Wayne County, WV. According to family members, he was a very successful farmer and businessman. Politically and financially he was one of the most prominent citizens in the county. He served as deputy sheriff for a total of eight years.

Family members as far down the line as his five-times-great granddaughter were in attendance for the unveiling of his photo.

"It's amazing, the family fabric that we have here in Wayne County. You folks are evidence of that, to honor some of your ancestors that go back that far," Wayne County Commissioner Kenneth Adkins, who helped lead the presentation.

"We're proud of our people and I think that has always been the number one asset of our county."


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