CEREDO — After reviewing a long standing 'loud music' ordinance, Ceredo Town Council took recent action to amend the ordinance in question to cover a broader range of circumstances and scenarios as outlined in Town Ordinances 509.05 and 509.06.

The first section explains the premise of the ordinance while the second and final section details noises or situations that might be in violation of the new amended portion.

"It shall be unlawful for any person to make, continue, or cause to be made or continued any loud or excessive noise which unreasonably interferes with the comfort, health and safety of others within the municipality," the ordinance reads.

Ceredo Mayor Paul Billups said the phrasing needed some attention after so many years have passed since the original text was adopted.

The amended ordinance goes on to highlight specific instances by which noise may be deemed interfering or excessive including horns or signaling devices lasting longer than one minute, operating any radio, music equipment or similar devices, and even extends to other electronic like televisions or phonographic devices which "reproduces any sound in any manner as to be plainly audible at a distance of 50 feet" to any commercial, residential or public space.

The ordinance also extends restrictions to pet owners which covers "any animal which frequently or continuously howls, barks, meows, squawks, or makes other sounds which create excessive noise across a residential or commercial property line.

The reading of the amended ordinance on Aug. 5 served as the first reading. A second reading will take place at the next meeting of town council on Monday, Sept. 2 at Ceredo Town Hall.

In other action taken during the August meeting of town council, John Lang was sworn in as the newest Ceredo police Officer and serves as the third hire within the last year for the department.


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