WAYNE — In the first meeting of the new fiscal year, a new-look Wayne Town Council and re-elected Mayor Danny Grace wasted no time working on continued improvements for the Town of Wayne.

One new town council member, four incumbents, a new judge, and Danny Grace — who is entering his second term as Wayne mayor — were sworn in at a regular meeting of the Wayne Town Council on Monday, July 1, at Wayne Town Hall. French Napier, Gary Akers and Harry Sowards won their council seats outright while Jon Reed and Rosie Whipkey drew straws to win the final two seats after a three-way tie in the election with former councilwoman Judy Watts. Dwayne Wallace was sworn in as municipal judge.

Sowards, who served a partial term previously on the council, hit the ground running with the proposal to create a Parks and Recreation Board for the town in order to possibly secure grant monies in the future to aesthetically improve the recreational facilities in Wayne. Without such a board, it would not be possible, he explained, which prompted a unanimous vote to go forward with the intention of creating one.

Possible improvements include adding floating docks to commonly fished areas, a boat ramp and dock, and other improvements to the park, something the Grace said he would like to see used more and has focused a significant amount of effort into making it happen.

You've probably heard of 'Christmas in July,' and while the town isn't looking to fast forward past the summer months, you might notice something different this holiday season after a purchase order for up $2,500 in Christmas lights and decorations was unanimously approved by council members during the meeting.

The money will go toward the purchase of fifteen candy cane, snowflake, or bells and holly street-pole lights to line the streets of Wayne, costing approximately one hundred dollars each, while also factoring in money allowing the town to build light displays of its own for the park.

Council also approved the purchase of a new, 75-gallon ice machine for service workers to use instead of purchasing ice everyday, a $300 paint job for one of the town's police cruiser which has a rusty and peeling roof, and approved up to $15,000 for two new vehicles for the town, packaged in with some new service equipment.

The Wayne Town Council meets regularly on the second Monday of each month. Meetings begin at 6 p.m. and are always open to the public.


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