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HUNTINGTON -The Guyan Conservation District is taking sign-ups for the Agriculture Enhancement Program. This program is set to provide a cost share assistance for agricultural practices. The District is holding a continuous sign up period as long as funding allows.

The sign-up period began Monday, June 3, and the last day is scheduled for February 2020. Requirements to participate state that the land must be engaged in agriculture in the counties of Cabell, Wayne, Lincoln, Logan, Mingo, and Boone counties. Limited funding for this program is provided by the WV Conservation Agency.

To apply for the program, stop by the Guyan Conservation District (GCD) office located at 2631 5th Street Road in Huntington.

The program in the GCD is available to landowners and operators in Cabell, Wayne, Lincoln, Logan, Mingo, and Boone counties.

In FY 2020, Guyan Conservation District will cost share in the following practices: Lime (if applying for lime, frost seeding or nutrient management you will need to have a current soil test report done within the three years); Urban Agriculture; Nutrient Management; Heavy Use Area Protection; Frost Seeding (sign up is only allowed until December 2019); Pollinator Habitat; Cover Crop.

Limits and cost share rates differ per practice. You can review all program rules, practices, limits, etc. on the West Virginia Conservation Agency's website at: click on District Offices then Guyan


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