Submitted photo With cooler temperatures on the way, you can put the dresses away and break out your jeans. This outfit would work well even in colder months by adding some boots and a cardigan.

Hello, all. I hope your week has been well. Mine has been a little busy, but those Monday holidays always seem to throw everything and everyone off, so hopefully things will start calming down now.

I have been loving these cooler temperatures, and now that Labor Day is over we can finally start looking toward fall. I love fall, but I am a little sad to see summer go, especially since I got to have so many wonderful experiences this summer. Oh, well. Such is life, I guess. Things change, and we just have to suck it up and roll with it.

Now that the weather is a little cooler and we can walk outside without bursting into flames, I have finally started wearing jeans to work again. Normally in the summer I only wear dresses, simply because it is way too hot for anything else. But now I can (comfortably) wear jeans, and that means I have a lot more options when it comes to what I'm wearing. The outfit pictured was one I wore to work recently. One reason I love it so much is that while it is jeans, it is still office appropriate, which works great for me. The blouse is about 5 years old and came from H&M. I actually just found it in my closet recently and realized I had forgotten all about it.

One reason I put it away and never wore it is because it has a very deep V-neck and I had trouble keeping it together with a safety pin. Not only did it look a little silly, but it was also pretty uncomfortable. I have been finding that a lot lately - tops that I really liked, but the neck was cut so low there was no way I could possibly wear them - but then my husband had a great idea. He mentioned that I could find a nice pin and use that instead of a safety pin.

I felt kind of silly that I hadn't thought of it myself.

So, after digging through my jewelry box, I happened to find an old broach that had belonged to my grandma. It was perfect. It was a silver bird, not too flashy, but still big enough to be seen. The silver in the broach went perfectly with the dark blue of the blouse. The blouse also works great with the dark blue jeans, which I have told you about many times before. They were $9.99 and are my favorite. The blues go well together, and the tan of the sandals helps to add some balance and contrast to the color scheme.

This outfit would work well even in cooler weather by adding some boots and a cardigan. This is definitely an outfit I will wear again, and all thanks to a little MacGyvering.

Have a great week, and happy shopping!

Katrina Dick is a lifelong Wayne County resident who is looking to inspire others in Wayne how to not only be frugal when shopping, but be stylish while saving.


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