Courtesy of Katrina Dick Taking a quick trip doesn't have to include stressing about an outfit. Shopping end of the season sales for on trend and affordable pieces allows a stress-free look.

Hello all, I hope your week has been well. Mine was great, especially since I was able to take some time off work.

What made it even better, though, was that we were able to take a little family vacation to Legoland and the Columbus Zoo. If you ever get the chance to check out Legoland, I highly suggest you take it. It was amazing, and so much more than what I was expecting. We spent close to five hours in there, and honestly, if my stepson had it his way, we would probably still be there.

The next day, however, was dedicated to the zoo. I absolutely love the zoo, so I had been looking forward to it since I booked our trip. Since it was going to be insanely hot and equally humid, I knew I wanted to be comfortable. I definitely wasn't going to even attempt to wear jeans or leggings, but I wasn't sure what shorts I could wear without worrying about stains (last year I wore white shorts and it didn't end well). So, I did a little shopping around.

Last week I told you about all the end of summer deals going on right now, and I ended up (surprise) taking full advantage of them. The shorts in photo came from Walmart on Rt. 60. They were marked down to $9 and are probably my new favorite pair. They have a little bit of stretch, so they are just loose enough in the legs to be roomy but not baggy. I hate it when shorts are too tight on your legs, not only does it look bad, but it is terribly uncomfortable. It isn't just the fit that's great, but the length is perfect, too. Plus, the distressing and faded color keeps them right on trend.

The tank top came from Walmart, too, and it was less than $5! They have such a huge selection of them right now in all sorts of different colors. I may or may not have gone back for a few more. They are semi-fitted, which means they aren't super tight but not super loose, either, like a workout tank top. They're kind of like Goldilocks' porridge - just right. Another great thing about this tank is the cut. The high neck and wide shoulders help to keep everything nice and covered.

Honestly, the most expensive thing about this whole outfit was the hat, which came from the H&M inside the Easton Town Center. I thought it was on sale for $12, but it was actually $24. I know, I splurged a little bit. But hey, I was on vacation and I guess a little bit of splurging to look cute for zoo animals is OK.

Have a great week and happy shopping!

Katrina Dick is a lifelong Wayne County resident who is looking to inspire others in Wayne how to not only be frugal when shopping, but be stylish while saving.


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