The scene wasn't pretty when Jesse Muncy announced in May he'd be leaving the Wayne County School district to enroll at Sheldon Clark High School in Martin County, Kentucky.

Former teammates lashed out on social media upon hearing the news as the decision was met with some backlash about how "unfair" it was that he (Muncy) could make such a move after having so much success during his freshman year at Tolsia High School.

Tolsia's leading scorer a year ago, Freshman Jesse Muncy, announced in May he was enrolling at Sheldon Clark to join the Cardinals' boys basketball team in the Kentucky High School Atheltic Association (KHSAA) 15th Region. His decision was first reported by David & Darryl Sports on Twitter - but a recent surfacing of information points the enrollment arrow right back to Glenhayes, West Virginia.

"I've heard that he and his family have moved back into our district and that he plans to enroll at Tolsia. We won't know for sure until our office administration returns," Tolsia boys basketball coach Todd Maynard said.

In addition to the pieces Tolsia knows are returning (Austin Salmons, Rob Cantrell, Gavin Meadows, and Tyler Jonhson, among others) for the 2019-2020 school year, would be a welcomed piece for Maynard, entering his third year as the head coach.

"I'll just call a spade a spade and tell you that (Jesse) Muncy is a play maker on the offensive end," he said.

But what about those teammates who took their shots at him when he announced his first decision to leave? How does that resolve itself if, in fact, Muncy returns?

"If he does come back, I think the guys will be fine and welcome him back into the fold."

The relationship might be a little fragile now, though. Transferring is common in high school sports, yes, but fan bases in small town communities can be unforgiving. Let alone the fact that he'd be returning to a group of teammates he just, essentially, left behind, and who also gave him an earful for it.

It's yet to be told if Muncy has lost his teammates respect - or if he'll have to earn it back - but what made the Rebels so tough last year was how close the guys in the locker room were. I saw it play out on the court.

The 2018 WV All-State third team captain who scored nearly 500 points as a freshman missed out on the Rebels' stretch of games during a three week practice period, but Maynard said he doesn't see that being too much of a factor in developing the team for the regular season.

"It's important but it's not a whole lot of time in the grand scheme of things. Muncy knows the system," he said. "He popped over there across the river (to Sheldon Clark HS) and played a little ball over the summer but if he comes back I don't think it knocks us back any."

In terms of percentages, I can't put a finger on the odds Muncy does, indeed come back - but I'm assuming its pretty likely.

Regardless of his official enrollment status for next year, the Rebels or the Cardinals are getting a game-changer. Goodluck, Jesse.

Luke Creasy is a staff writer for the Wayne County News. Follow him @HDcreasy on Twitter.


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