Hello everyone, I haven't written for a few weeks because I had ball games for my great-grandson, Bentley, to attend and they went to the playoffs. Their team lost by one run but congratulations to their team who has played an awesome season in the cold and hot weather. So proud of you, Bentley.

I attended my youngest great grandchild, Karleigh's preschool graduation on Tuesday evening, June 4. She will be going to Kellogg Elementary in the fall and is ready to go.

Where has the time gone? I have one going into fifth grade in Kentucky and one going into fifth in Huntington, and two step grandchildren going into the fourth grade, one in Huntington and one in Kentucky. Of course I'm so proud of them. Two were on the honor roll in their classes. My 7-year-old got the 'Gabby Award' with other good awards in his class. That was funny.

Congratulations to Tim Bias, oh excuse me, Mayor Tim Bias of Kenova. So happy and proud of you, Tim. He's a good man. he is also my first cousin, Don Bias' son. We're happy for you and I'm sure your dad is ready to hand over the office to you. There was a big reception for him on June 25 in the Kenova City Hall. He was sworn in as mayor that night.

They're expecting his brother to visit the Kenova area in July with all of his family from Texas. Don is trying to get his home in shape for all of them. "Bub's" wife Julia will be visiting her mom in Ceredo.

I also enjoyed a day at Beech Fork Lake on my son-in-law, David and my daughter Carla's boat. They pulled right up to the dock so all I had to do was step in. It was such an enjoyable day.

Bentley and Chloe had never been on a boat except the one his PaPa Keyser worked on on the Ohio River for Marathon. They were both excited.

The weather was so beautiful and my great grandson Gavin joined us for fishing with his PaPa. Fishing wasn't so good that day but we had a wonderful day together. Thank you so much for inviting me. I hope we can do it again.

We hear "Bud" Wheeler is out and about since his recent surgery and will be back to exercise class in Kenova. Silver Sneakers.

Ran into Joyce and John Ferguson of Route 75 at Jim's Steak & Spaghetti House recently. He's doing better but still needs a lot of therapy work on his left side. I told him he has to get better to drive his tractor in the fall parade in Kenova. Joyce asked for prayers for him so lets all lift him up in prayers.

My daughter, Tammy, and I and her children, Chloe and Bentley, had lunch at Jim's before going to my doctors appointment. I got pain shots in both knees. This rainy weather has just about killed me.

My daughter, Tammy Keyser, of Ashland, is doing so good since her heart surgery. I worry she does too much, really, but you can't keep her down. Her chest is still sore but it's only been since March 29. Please say a healing prayer for her.

A big special thank you to my granddaughter, Morgan Keyser, who comes to my house every week to cut and trim my grass for free.

Sincere sympathy to my Kenova friend and school friend Janice Caudill Miliam and husband, John, who lost her dear mother. Jan and John had kept her at their home for many years taking wonderful care of her. May God give you rest and your mom rest in peace.

Thanks to my grandson Channing for mowing my grass on one of those 90-degree days. I told him to let it go because it was too hot but he got it done in no time. I sure do appreciate my two grandchildren Morgan and Channing for looking out for their MaMaw.

I've got to close my column and go to the Farmer's Market in Ceredo for green beans. Got some last Saturday and they were so good. I ate them all by myself.

My sister-in-law Betty Ward and I enjoyed our weekly lunch at Denny's after excercise on Friday. We love their Bourbon Chicken Platter.

Nancy Chapman is a Westmoreland resident.


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