If you are anything like me, every year you look forward to fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, corn on the cob with dinner and browsing the selections of home-grown produce once it hits stands in early summer.

I start craving the down home taste months before it's production time, making the opening of local farmer's markets even sweeter.

The Town of Ceredo Farmer's Market will open for the season this Saturday.

This will be the third year for the market, located at the Town Shelter on the Mitch Stadium parking lot. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Following the season opening, the market will be open every Friday and Saturday through Oct. 19.

Ample parking is available near the vegetable stands and a drive-through lane is available for persons unable to walk around the area.

The anchor farms this season will be Greenbrier Farms of Fort Gay and Rocky Knob Farm of Prichard, with several smaller specialty farmers offering items as various crops are ready for harvest. Also returning will be the Four Mile Bakery Amish doughnuts and pastries, baked fresh each morning.

The Wayne County Farmers Co-Op has already been producing flowers and certain greenhouse goods in the off-season, but will expand to offer those summer favorites soon as well. The co-op operates with local farmers as well as with Legacy Farms, a plot of land ran by the co-op itself.

Not only do I intend to utilize all the local markets for my local grown produce fix, but to also help with the local economy and to help our Wayne County farmers.

Eating fresh produce not only allows for a healthier lifestyle for you, but it helps to provide a livelihood for farmers in our communities.

Buying local not only helps put food on your table, but on your farmer's table, while ensuring we get those tasty, fresh goods next year and for years to come.

Local support of farmer's markets means everything for their success. Get ready to load up on locally-grown cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, corn and to help yourself and your local farmers.


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