Roo’s, a new thrift shop, has opened at the Eastern Heights Shopping Center in Huntington and is an cheap source for new and used clothing.

Hello, all. I hope your week has been well. Mine certainly has and now that the weather is cooperating we can finally start to enjoy fall. Another reason my week has been good is because a new thrift shop/resale shop opened up in the plaza where I work! I am always skeptical of them, especially since Goodwill now charges as much as Walmart and Plato’s Closet isn’t helping anybody with their insane prices.

I love to shop second hand, not only for the price, but the worn-in factor. Buying something that was once important to someone else, something that they loved and cherished and may have been their favorite top or pair of jeans or skirt at one time is really special. When they send it to a thrift shop, they are sending it on to its second life.

They valued it enough to give it another chance with someone else, rather than just tossing it out with the garbage. Well, that or they needed to get rid of a bunch of crap and saw an opportunity to earn a few extra bucks. It could really go either way. But honestly, all joking aside, I love buying second hand. The clothes have already been through it, so there’s less chance of buying something that is going to be of poor quality and fall apart within a month. Plus, they have already been washed, dried, and shrunk all they’re gonna shrink, so you already know you’re not going to have that problem.

Let’s not forget the price. Buying second hand should be cheaper than buying new, but unfortunately, as a lot of us have found, that’s not always the case. It’s difficult to find a good second hand shop that has fair prices and quality clothes. Which is why I wanted to tell y’all all about the new shop that opened up in the Eastern Heights Shopping Center in Huntington.

It’s called Roo’s and it is absolutely amazing. They have a huge assortment of clothes, ranging from women’s, men’s, and kids. They have all sizes and styles, and even handbags, shoes, and scarves. What makes Roo’s so different is it’s not technically a thrift shop, or a second hand shop. They offer new and used items, which is pretty cool, at least in my book. Another plus about Roo’s is they have their prices listed in multiple places around the store, so you’re not wandering around trying to figure out how much an item costs.

While we’re on the subject of price, adult clothes are all $3.99, except for jeans and coats, which are around $4.99. AWESOME!!! That’s less than half what Goodwill charges, and don’t even get me started on the difference between Roo’s and Plato’s Closet. The staff (which is basically two people, the owner and another employee) are more than welcoming and extremely helpful. When I made my first trip I found an adorable red New York & Company trench coat, which I fell in love with.

Since they had literally just opened, and didn’t have their mirrors set up yet, the owner held up her phone so I could see myself. So, naturally, I walked out with it, and its $4.99 price tag. I also snagged a crew neck sweatshirt, for $3.99. I went back the next day and bought my stepson two Nike shirts for $6. You just can’t beat that!

If you’re needing to stock up on your fall wardrobe but your budget is a bit tight, I highly suggest you check them out. You won’t be disappointed!

Have a great week and happy shopping!

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